We provide professional and affordable services to clients in San Antono, New Braunfels, Garden Ridge, Cibolo, Live Oak,Universal City, Alamo Ranch and the surrounding areas. Leave worry out of the equation and take advantage of our Pest Control and home services. Our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client sets us apart from other providers. 

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and one-time services for residential and commercial clients.

Some of the nuisance pest we service for are:

Bed Bugs

 Contrary to what some may say, these do not spread diseases. However, the bites can cause an allergic to some people. Bed Bugs are very difficult to control and require true pest professional with experience to erradicate these. Patience is required by the homeowner as well as following instructions by the pest control technician. We have over 20 years 

of experience in both commercial and residential Bed Bug control and are ready for the task!


American Roaches, aka "water bugs", generally invade from the exterior and slip through cracks, crevices, and openings found on the home. Even though each house has weather stripping, none is never "sealed" as many may think. We provide a thorough exterior/interior for American, Asian, and other roaches. German Roaches prefer warm, moist areas such as cabients, behind refrigerators and dishwashers. These are brought in via suitcases,  purchases at grocery stores or garage sales. We take our time inspecting and treating thouroughly and carefully and provide non-chemical recommendations for roach prevention to the homeowner.


With the Texas heat come scorpion and spiders. Scorpions posess and exoskeleton which makes them difficult to control. They prefer a rocky, woody landscape since thier food supply is also found in this area. Scorpions are also found under wood, stone, and brick piles, so gloves are always recommended when handling these materials. Spiders are found inside and outside of structures. If you are a new homeowner, excersice caution when handling boxes that have been left in storage or in the garge since the Black Widow or Brwon Recluse spider (which are poisonous) can be easily missed and cause harm. Our exterior sevices provide excellent protection for many pests including scorpions and spiders.

My husband and I are really pleased with our service from Pestpro of San Antonio. They have been extremely professional and thorough in maintaining our yard and home pest free.

-J. Walton, New Braunfels

"I've lived many places throughout the U.S., but when we moved to south central Texas last spring, I met insects I'd never seen before. By nature a city girl, all the creepy crawlers of the Texas Hill Country had me more than concerned. Thank goodness for PESTPRO and my tech. JP! A lesson in local pests (at no charge) was promptly followed by as many treatments I felt necessary to feel 'safe' in my home, garage, and yard. A year later, with a bi-monthly service agreement, I'm in love with the Hill Country. It helps knowing that if i ever see and "uninvited guest", my tech will be out promptly to take care of it. Prices reasonable, treatments effective and professional, leaving me and my family with peace of mind." 

​-D. Richerson, Garden Ridge